Sonique's Outfits

Hat - FairFax Fair
Shirt - thisisgroundblog
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Zara


Cape - I found for a dollar no tax
Shirt - Men’s Zara
Shorts - Women’s Zara
Shoes - Zara


clashist gave me this super cool emoji tee so i got a size large and slit the sides a little. I got these pants from Zara but I accidentally washed them with whites and they got bleached, they were originally red, yellow, and blue. My shoes are from DTLA and my hat is from a boutique on Melrose.


Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Pant - Zara
Necklace - Zara
Shoes - Zara
Handbag -


Shirt - Thrift
Pants - HM
Shoes - Zara
Handbag -


Jacket - HM
Shirt - Target
Jeans - Zara
White button down - Ralph Lauren
Leopard booties - DTLA


My friend is a Reebok Ambassador here on the West Coast and I was fortunate enough to get some really dope sneakers. Everyone that knows me knows that I’m a heel girl until the end but I mean really..who would pass up gifting from Reebok? Lol
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Oversize jeans - Levi’s
Sneakers - Reebok


So here in LA it’s always sunny and on this one day it was a little gloomy. I decided I needed to get into this fall inspired weather for one day and give a fall inspired look haha. I loved this outfit not only because it was comfortable but because it was easy and simple.
Leather Jacket - Zara
White Cami - Forever 21
Pants - Shi
Mesh black sandals - Zara


I love when people tell me that dark skin people can’t wear really bright colors, it makes me smize but the evil version lol. I woke up and literally was so inspired by my friends clothing line full of fun and colorful tees. I decided if I’m going to wear a tie dye shirt, I’m going to go all out and wear a colorful pant and pump. I loved this look because it shows so much color on a dark canvas that proves that black girls can wear the hell we want to wear!
Shirt - @syckdayz
Pant - Thrift for $1
Shoes - Zara


I went to a pop up shop for the AMAZER Jason Markk here in Little Tokyo. So much fun in a room full of sneaker heads that would literally do anything to get there sneakers cleaned and brought back to life. Jason Markk is such an inspiration! He has literally turned his business from having nothing and building it into something bigger than anyone imagined, a real entrepreneur indeed.
Sleeveless Plaid Shirt - Shi
Harem Plaid Pant - Shi
Shoes - DTLA